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Modern Spare Tesla Model X Spare Tire Kit

Modern Spare Tesla Model X Spare Tire Kit

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The Right Spare Tire Kit Engineered Specifically For Your Tesla Model X. 

  Compatible With ALL Tesla Factory Wheel Sizes.

We guarantee our Modern Spare, Space-Saver, Spare Tire Kit for your Tesla Model X to be the highest quality and your best choice. Here is why:

The Model X is an extremely sophisticated vehicle. Although Tesla is leading the EV market with their current model lineup, Tesla provides no real solution for failed tires. Here at Modern Spare, we have designed a spare tire kit from the ground up to be just right for your Model X.

To make your Modern Spare Kit incredibly simple to use, we designed an aluminum alloy wheel that is significantly lighter and more capable than a conventional steel counterpart.  As a result, our spare wheel/tire combination is easier to handle. The low weight helps to keep range and performance in check. Also, to maintain excellent standards of quality, our alloy wheel meets or exceeds all the latest DOT highway safety standards. In addition, each spare wheel is equipped with a durable space-saving tire capable of traveling at highway speeds up to 81mph.

The much-improved spare tire allows you to travel the needed distance to a repair shop you trust with your Model X. Always important but often overlooked with traditional spare tires is having the correct and proper tire size. We use a specific tire size that is properly matched for your Model X regardless of the wheel size currently on your Model X.

- Better Tools

To make our Spare Tire Kit better for your Tesla, we considered the frustrations that come with typical spare tire tools.  As an example, most scissor jacks are difficult to use and do not provide the needed leverage to easily lift your car. We solved this problem by developing a custom low-profile scissor jack with a unique ratcheting handle mechanism.  This handle provides the required leverage to easily lift your Model 3 and lower it safely.  We have carefully designed our jack to lift your Tesla properly at the designated lift points. In addition, the Modern Spare TruLift scissor jack can be used without the use of a jack puck. For the Model X complete kits, the 4000 lb jack comes standard to accommodate the heavier weight of this vehicle.

If you find a stubborn or overtightened lug nut, our Modern Spare telescoping lug wrench provides nearly two feet of leverage. You’ll be able to easily remove and retighten your lug nuts to quickly get back on the road.

As a forethought, we included a full-size, thick plastic tire bag.  Transporting a full-size flat tire and wheel can be messy. Therefore, placing the large plastic tire bag over the failed tire will help protect your car’s interior.

- Our Goal

By now, you’re aware that your Tesla is missing a spare tire. Tesla, like many, carmakers are not providing this important lifesaver. Modern Spare wants to be the best manufacturer and provider of complete spare tire kits hands-down. We have approached our Modern Spare designs from every angle. This ensures that our customers have the best user experience possible with the best product possible. Please reach out to any of our helpful staff for questions and assistance.

Fits All 2015-2024 Tesla Model X Trim Levels- Spare Tire And Complete Accessory Kit Options


18×4 Durable Aluminum Alloy Wheel With 5x120mm Bolt Pattern.
Rugged Continental 155/85R18 Tire With An 81 MPH Speed Rating (112M).
Properly Sized Tire With A 28.5” Rolling Diameter For Safe Extended Use.
    Available Complete Kit To Quickly & Efficiently Replace A Blown Or Flat Tire With All Necessary Tools Included.
      The Complete Kit Features Our Upgraded 4000 LB TruLift Ratcheting Scissor Jack With Rubber Contact Point, Modern Spare 14” – 21” Telescoping Lug Wrench With 17MM, 19MM, 21MM, & 22MM Sockets and Large Disposable Tire Bag Included For Full-Size Tire Transport.
        Kits Available With Our Heavy-duty, Nylon Reinforced Carrying Case To Neatly Store Your Entire Kit. A Great Alternative For Vehicles Without a Dedicated Storage Space.
          International Shipping Available (add kit option to cart to be redirected to shipping calculator).

           **See footnotes for rear brake caliper fitment information.

          Watch a video of our friend EV Dave unboxing the Modern Spare kit here.

          Fast $48 Flat-Rate Shipping Anywhere in the Continental US


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