Product Warranty

When you purchase a part covered by a Martian Wheels warranty, or one of its supporting suppliers, your warranty information is automatically entered into Martian Wheels' warranty database.

Martian Wheels' parts and accessories are covered by its Limited Warranty and/or the supporting warranty of our suppliers. The duration of Martian Wheels' Limited Warranty varies with each part. 

Martian Wheels Lifetime Structural Warranty- 
All Martian Wheels Forged Wheels will be free of manufacturing and workmanship defects at the time of purchase. Martian Wheels Forged Wheels carry a Limited Lifetime Structural warranty. Martian Wheels warranties are non transferrable. Martian Wheels offers the limited warranty claims to product repair or replacement at the discretion of Martian Wheels. We do not offer reimbursements for any costs associated or related to labor, shipping, losses. Claims can only be approved with proof of purchase. If you need to return a part under warranty, please contact us.