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About Us

Coming from a  background in motorsports and tuning of sports and race cars, we've always loved speed. That usually meant driving high horsepower internal combustion engined (ICE) cars - burning expensive fuel and leaving a trail of pollution behind as we raced around the track, or made our daily commute. Luckily we live at a time when we have a low-emissions option that satisfies our love of speed: Tesla. 
These amazing machines not only operate with zero emissions, but offer the smoothest driving experience available as well as instant torque (and a lot of it!).
Tesla cars are at the forefront of electric automotive technology, along with an elegant and minimalistic design that sets Tesla apart from the rest of the automotive world, at the same time accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Driving a Tesla is a special experience, and one of the reasons why owners of Tesla cars are more satisfied than owners of any other car brand. 
However, like every car made by a major manufacturer that needs to appeal to a wide range of buyers and meet certain targets for cost, etc. drivers will find aspects of the car that are a compromise between street drivability and outright performance. That is why we are dedicated to providing the highest quality parts which each provide a comprehensive upgrade for your Tesla.