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Brembo GTR 6-Piston Big Brake Kit For Tesla Model 3

Brembo GTR 6-Piston Big Brake Kit For Tesla Model 3

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For serious track warriors and those doing extended lapping sessions, it will become clear that your Model 3’s weakest link is the braking system. Brake fade, rapidly wearing brake pads and potentially dangerous situations may occur when using the stock Tesla brakes on track. Brembo saw this need and developed three variations of 6-piston big brake kits to solve this issue and help turn Model 3 into a legitimate track car.


Series: GT-R Series​

Caliper Construction: Fixed

Caliper Type: 6-Piston

Driving Style: Performance / Racing, Track Only, Hauling & Towing

Rotor Thickness: 32mm (1.26")

Outside Diameter: 355mm (14")

Rotor Construction: 2-Piece

Rotor Material: Cast Iron

Rotor Style: Slotted

Series: GT-R Series



Ultimate brake performance, balance, heat dissipation, and fade resistance

Designed specifically for your vehicle and driving conditions

Racing-derived components and technology

Lightweight components reduce unsprung weight

Lightweight 2-piece floating curved vane slotted brake discs

Floating anti-rattle hardware minimizes noise

Lightweight, aerospace grade, billet aluminum, monobloc multi-piston fixed calipers

Nickel-plated caliper finish

High-performance brake pads with application-specific friction material

The Pad retaining system minimizes brake noise and facilitates pad changes
Precision milled billet caliper mounting brackets
Abrasion and corrosion resistant Goodridge braided steel brake lines
Comes complete with all necessary mounting hardware and comprehensive instructions
Fully compatible with your car’s master cylinder, ABS, and traction control system
2-year limited warranty



Disc assemblies include an outer iron disc with an aluminum bell/hat and provide decreased corner weights to improve vehicle dynamics including handling, acceleration, and braking

Slots help to increase pad bite and improve air circulation

Slots create an escape route for debris, dust, gases, and water

Slots clean and de-glaze pad surface for optimum pad coefficient of friction

2-Piece rotors offer great weight savings and provide rapid heat dissipation compared to 1-piece rotors

Floating rotor design provides better contact between the rotor blade and the pad

Vented type of rotors offer much faster heat dissipation

Multi-piston calipers provide clamping force on both sides of the rotor at the same time and uniformly transfer braking force to the brake pads

Caliper pistons are hollow to save weight

The aluminum caliper body allows for exceptional light weight (up to 40% of weight savings) and ensures superior corrosion resistance

Caliper heat-resistant coating prevents cracking and fading

Fixed calipers create friction from the brake pads on both sides of the rotor at a minimum time interval

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